Rise Above Challenge: Day 1

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Rise Above Challenge: Day 1

Discovering Your Affirmations

Choose a time today when you can get quiet and reflect. When you are ready grab your journal, a pencil (with an eraser) and a pen. Begin to think about which feelings, beliefs or habits you want to overcome in the next 30 days. 

Write down those 3 negative feelings, self limiting beliefs, or bad habits in your journal (IN PENCIL) but make sure to leave some space in-between your answers. An example entry would be “I feel low key anxiety that keeps me from focusing daily.” 

Grab your pen and write down the opposite of what you wrote alongside the previous answers. (example: “I am able to get and stay focused with ease.”) Now grab the easer and erase everything on the page, leaving only the pen behind.

As you watch everything get erased, set your intention that you wish to overcome these unwanted feelings/beliefs/habits in the next 30 days. With only your positive affirmations left on the page, you now have your affirmations for the remainder of the challenge. Make sure to keep this page handy, or rip it out of your journal if you so feel inclined because you will be looking at them daily. 

For this challenge you will need to (at least once everyday) say the affirmations out loud, or rewrite them down in your journal. By creating the external action (of saying it out loud or writing it down) you help your subconscious internalize even quicker. 

Bonus Points: Take your new affirmations and boil them down to a 1-2 word summary, and write them on a small piece of paper that you can carry on you throughout your day. Look them over and say them out to yourself anytime you have a moment throughout the day.

Go ahead and share your experience in the comments below. If you have any questions, please let you know because we are here to support you any way possible for the next 30 days. We applaud you for being so courageous to rise above your fears, and can’t wait to hear about the new you after you complete this challenge!

P.S. Don't forget to meditate for 10 minutes, say out loud or write down your affirmations, take your Vitamin D3, practice gratitude, and get 20 minutes of movement! #LetsRiseAboveFear


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