Rise Above Challenge: Day 12

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Rise Above Challenge: Day 12

Take Inventory

Grab your journal, because it is time to reflect and take inventory of your life. Spend some quiet time today reflecting on the areas where you get triggered, pulling you into a negative mood, which then may even put you into a negative cycle for the rest of the day.

Consider specific situations, thoughts, or even a person.

Now journal on this prompt, “Where do I need to detach, observe, and disconnect from what's affecting me and how can I make wiser choices?”

Focus most of your attention on simply shining light on the specific situation/thought/person, and after you discover it consider the next action steps to take so you can disconnect from it.

By taking inventory of the negative triggers in your life and removing them, you can free and prevent your mind of unnecessary fear, bad moods, and off days.



P.S. Don't forget to meditate for 10 minutes, say out loud or write down your affirmations, take your Vitamin D3, practice gratitude, and get 20 minutes of movement! #LetsRiseAboveFear


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