Rise Above Challenge: Day 2

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Rise Above Challenge: Day 2

Stop & Breathe 

Today’s challenge is a simple but profound exercise when you need to reset in the moment. It involves taking six deep breaths within 30 seconds.

Quick Tip: When breathing expand your lungs as much as possible and focus your breath into your belly.

A study published by the Japanese Society of Hypertension found that when you take six deep breaths within 30 seconds, your blood pressure lowers.

So give this a try for today's challenge and remember that anytime that you feel you need to state your state or get present, just breathe six times! (and yes it must be six!)

Side note: This is from Aubrey Marcus’s book: Own the Day, Own Your Life. It is a great resource if you want to learn other practices more focused on health & overall human optimization.


P.S. Don't forget to meditate for 10 minutes, say out loud or write down your affirmations, take your Vitamin D3, practice gratitude, and get 20 minutes of movement! #LetsRiseAboveFear


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