Rise Above Challenge: Day 8

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Rise Above Challenge: Day 8

Build your Mind Gym


Visualization is a very powerful exercise, and by using the mind gym meditation you can strengthen the practice (while making it more fun) in a very short amount of time. Today’s challenge is to spend some time meditating to create your very own mind gym that you can continue to use. 

The meditation goes like this: After you are relaxed, take a couple more deep breaths and start to picture yourself walking down a road, and while you are walking all of a sudden you see stairs on your right. As you get closer you see 10 stairs total and you start to go down them, taking a breath as you go down each step, getting more and more relaxed as you get further. When you get to the bottom you see a big archway, and a beautiful door. 

You go to open the door. When you enter it, it is the gym of your dreams. It can be a traditional Japanese dojo, a modern style yoga gym, a beautiful outdoor scene, or even somewhere in space. All that matters is there is a big screen or a wall with a projector in your gym. As you walk in your mind gym, you walk over to sit in front of your big screen.

This is where you practice seeing your visualizations on the screen. For today, picture seeing yourself on the screen doing everything you journaled about in yesterday's challenge. See yourself as if you are on the screen going about the upcoming week perfectly, feeling all of the feelings you intend to have, and everything is flowing beautifully.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, your mind gym is also a great place to go to and visualize yourself staying calm and confident. You can really use this visualization tool for anything! It is a great tool to practice, while you get to be creative building your perfect meditation gym.


P.S. Don't forget to meditate for 10 minutes, say out loud or write down your affirmations, take your Vitamin D3, practice gratitude, and get 20 minutes of movement! #LetsRiseAboveFear


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