Our Story

Meditation Supply Store About Us

Our goal is to make you happier through mindfulness practices.

Why We Started

In 2019, the Gilbert family had an idea to bring a store to their local community that combined mindfulness practices under one roof, along with the exciting technology of today. Now in 2020, this dream manifested into reality. 

Meditation Supply Store Founder

The majority of his life, David Gilbert has been on the path to acquire knowledge about how to be the healthiest (both physically and mentally) version of himself. This is due to losing his father (which caused him to go inward at a young age), suffering from low energy, and battling depression. 

He irregularly practiced meditation for years, but after making mindfulness practices a daily discipline, magical things started to happen. This caused an awakening to the power of intentional thinking, and realization of how our thought patterns dictate our reality. Now he is excited to help others deepen their own practices!


Our Mission  

With the advancements of the twenty-first century, we would assume that this is the happiest time to be alive in human history. Yet everyday the number of people facing anxiety and depression are rising. We believe that a major contributing factor to this is the fact it can be natural to get stuck in unproductive mental patterns, or so-called “prisons of the mind.”

Our experience has shown that through mindfulness practices we can start to “untangle” old mental models, clear the mind and fill them with more productive ones. Every human on this planet has the right to control the mind and live their happiest life. Now the Meditation Supply Store is on a mission to help you cultivate the power of your mind by supporting and deepening your mindfulness practices.

Our Promise

You are unique and so is your journey, we honor that. Our promise is to guide you to the best of our ability, always placing integrity and honesty above all. We want to connect, not only as your trusted source for supplies, but also on a deeper level to mutually support each other and build a new baseline of happiness for all. The journey with your mind takes patience and courage, we applaud you and want to remind you of the fact (that by being here and reading this) you are already on the right path.

We LOVE YOU, because we ARE YOU. We are side-by-side in this journey. We personally use the products we carry, and if we find too many flaws in a product we remove it from our inventory. Your feedback is the foundation of what our company thrives upon, so please share with us your reviews, ideas and moments of inspiration!

It’s an exciting time to be alive. As we start by serving our local community, our goal is to eventually guide the entire globe to realize the untapped potential of our minds. Together we can build a new baseline of mental freedom and happiness for all of humanity.

We are excited and beyond grateful to share this journey with you! 🙏🏻