Let's Expand Consciousness Together!

Help us in our mission to expand the consciousness of all mankind. We want to partner with like-minded individuals who are committed to guiding others with mindfulness practices. Let's join forces and expand awareness together!

Are you a leader, creator, community cultivator, activist, or educator that is passionate about meditation? We are looking for committed ambassadors that share our mission. You will receive commision on sales, unique urls and codes to share with your followers, and exclusive access upcoming resources with the potential to co-create. Our ambassadors are a family, working together to be of service and shine the light on the path for others.

  Receive commission on sales

  Unique URL and coupon code to share with followers

  Exclusive access to resources and events

  Potential to co-create content & more!


Who are Meditation Supply Store Ambassadors? 

Ambassadors for the Meditation Supply Store are the light towers of their communities, advocating for wellness and mindfulness among their friends and family. These are people who are excited to open conversations around meditation and guide others towards the resources they need to get started or deepen their practice.

Do I have to use social media to share about the store?

No! While we encourage the use of social media as a quick and easy way to share resources, it is not required. Good old fashioned word of mouth works just fine! We want to support however you feel that you authentically connect with your community.

How do I sign up and become part of the team?

Click the "Apply Now" button below to complete a quick form and get connected.

Do I have to purchase products to participate?

Nope! We hope you are personally using and loving the products you offer to others, but do not require that you make a purchase.

Do I have to sell a certain amount every month?

No! The more you sell the higher commission you will make, but once you are brought on you will be a part of our team no matter what.

What are the perks of being an ambassador? 

In addition to joining a community of mindful people, being an ambassador provides you the space to open discussions about meditation with your friends and family. We are here to support you with resources and education to make sure you feel confident spreading awareness of daily mindful practices. You will also receive a commission for every sale you make, a unique coupon code, and the opportunity to collaborate on future content. Email us if you have any other questions!

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