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Introduction to Instinctive Meditation

"Be more present with yourself, and learn how to make meditation feel like a natural, daily habit."

Join us for a 90-minute class on the Introduction to Instinctive Meditation. 

Your coach, Diana Guest is a certified Instinctive Meditation Coach. She gives workshops and does individual coaching to teach people how to begin or deepen and enhance their meditation practice. She has lived in OB since 1996. What she loves about Instinctive Meditation is that it is based on each person’s own individual experience. It is a radically new form of meditating base a path of intimacy rather than a path of renunciation.

This is not a “one size fits all” form of meditation nor is it to control “your monkey mind”. This practice is uniquely your own and caters to how you move in the world. Through Instinctive Meditation you will learn that a calm, clear, open mind naturally comes when we allow ourselves to follow our own natural rhythms while meditating.

In this online workshop, she will introduce you to Instinctive Meditation and help you discover some of your natural ways of going into your meditative state.

Everyone can meditate. It is instinctual to all human beings. Meditation is falling in love with life.

Price: $30

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This will be an online workshop


Expand Your Definition of Meditation 

Expand Your Definition of Meditation in our 4-class course.

"Learn what works for you individually, and discover a practice that you love so much you want to spend time with it daily."

Your coach, Diana Guest has had a meditation practice for 40 years, however, she began learning instinctive meditation in 2011 from lorin roche. In this class, you will learn about instinctive meditation. we go into meditative states naturally. Diana will teach you how to develop the skills to do this on a daily basis. Together we will find your natural and individual pathways into your meditative states, such as sitting, standing, dancing, walking, lying down, surfing, listening to music, etc. 

Meditation is a dive into aliveness. The basic dynamics of life…breathing, listening, seeing, loving—are used as doorways into meditation.

Whether you are brand new to meditation or have a daily practice let me introduce you to this revolutionary form of meditation. it is not a one size fits all approach.

Course Outline

Week 1: 

Introduction to Instinctive Meditation

  • Benefits of meditation
  • Explore your natural meditative states

Week 2: 

Rhythms of Meditation

  • Shakti model of meditation
  • The 8’rs of meditation

Week 3: 

Exploring your senses and your instincts and how to use them in your

meditation practice

Week 4: 

Deepening your practice

  • How to make it a daily practice


Price: $150

Call to (619) 491-7100 to book your seat now! Class limited to 5

*(must pre-pay to reserve your seat)

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Extra precautions will be practiced to ensure everyones health & wellbeing