Introducing the Mindful Workspace Wellness Box

wellness box

Our mindful workspace wellness box provides an easy to follow mental wellbeing program, delivered straight to your employee's doorstep.

Each box will provide tools, products, and tips on how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your day.

Every box is set around a different theme that is created off of scientifically proven practices to improve overall mental wellbeing, which naturally increases productivity, and reduces stress!

We are here to guide you and your company through easy to follow techniques to quiet the mind of unnecessary chatter, reduce stress, and bring you back to a centered, focused, and productive state.

With the proper tools and techniques, anyone can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

As the lines have been blurred when it comes to working at home, we also want to provide the framework of how your employees can mindfully navigate processes and set up healthy boundaries, keeping them from burning out.

We have three different options to choose from, a one-time box to help anyone start meditating. Or a monthly or quarterly subscription that includes easy to follow micro learning videos, with specific themes and intentions.  

With the monthly or quarterly subscription box we take your employees on a journey, sending both physical products and short educational videos, teaching them various mindfulness and meditation practices.

We can also work together on a custom box with your company logo on top or a personalized card inside to remind your employees how much you care about their mental wellbeing.

Our guarantee to you...

We are not here to sell you on the thousands of benefits of meditation. Our Mindful Workspace Wellness Box is the perfect mix of physical products and educational material to see a noticeable improvement in your employees wellbeing.

As 2020 has taught us the importance of having practices to help us deal with uncertainty, these boxes provide the tools and practices needed to stay centered, productive, and live a more mindful life.

Our mission is to guide others on how to live a more fulfilling life through mindfulness techniques, as well as teach others how to cultivate an inner state of wellbeing (that is not dependent on outside factors).

We can guarantee that our Mindful Workspace Wellness Box will help your co-workers feel more centered, rebound from stress quicker, feel less anxious, enjoy more productivity, and most importantly give them the tools and techniques to maintain a positive mental wellbeing.

We also set intentions to guide your office on how to stay connected when working remotely, set healthy boundaries when working at home, provide a fun and easy way to learn mindfulness, and act as guides that are ready to assist when your company wants to dig deeper with personalized presentations or one-on-one coaching.

How it works...

  • Boxes can be be shipped directly to your employees or your office
  • Choose from an one-time box, or a monthly or quarterly subscription
  • Monthly and Quarterly subscriptions include educational programming (ie: micro learning videos and presentations)
  • One-time boxes will contain a booklet to guide users through some basic mindfulness exercises
  • Each box will have an average of 3 products for monthly subscriptions, or 6-8 for quarterly
  • Products may include (but are not limited to): Small books, journals, desk accessories, cards, essential oils, incense, positive affirmations, gratitude cards, unique mindfulness tools, and more
  • Every subscription box is set around a different theme with the intention of creating a more productive workspace through mindfulness practices

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What kind of themes will each month have?

  • Culture Building through gratitude
  • Stress Management
  • Turning off & turning on to life
  • Focus and intention setting
  • Breath for longevity
  • Journaling for productivity
  • Micro meditations
  • Meditation 101
  • Setting mindful home/work boundaries
  • Mindful scents for productivity
  • Heart Centered Communication
  • Mindfully Balancing

What does this box do?

  • Provide an easy to follow system that instantly incorporates mindfulness into your company culture
  • Teach people how to incorporate new mindfulness practices (with tangible items and educational material)
  • Teach people how to mindfully work at home or at the office
  • Provide a culture building tool that brings employees together with presentations and new topics for discussion
  • Provides an unique gift that shows you care about employees wellbeing (and potential potential to customize boxes)
  • Easily incorporate meditation best practices that are statistically shown to improve productivity and overall wellbeing

Who is this box for?

  • Any company that values employee wellbeing and mindfulness practices
  • Any company that wants to easily incorporate mindfulness as part of the company culture
  • Any company looking to improve overall employee performance and satisfaction
  • Any company with the intention to bring employees together, and may be struggling with the transition to virtual offices
  • Any company looking for new culture building exercises
  • Any company looking for personalized guidance on how to teach their employees mindfulness and meditation (and looking for personalized coaching or presentations)

How does it work?

  • Choose from a one-time box, or subscription
  • Send us the address for your business or a .csv file of the employees addresses
  • Every month your employees will be drop shipped a box of goodies (for subscriptions)
  • These items will be set around a specific theme with instructions on how to use them
  • They enjoy the goodies, practice mindfulness, and experience the benefits first hand!

What can I expect in the box?

  • Anything on the topic of mindfulness, meditation, and overall mental wellbeing
    • Example: Small books, journals, desk accessories, cards, essential oils, incense, positive affirmations, gratitude cards, unique mindfulness tools, and more

Can I create a custom box?

  • Yes! We can customize the box with your company logo on top, as well as include a personalized card or flyer inside. Email us for more information or if you are interested in customizing the products inside of the box.

Let us bring mindfulness to your workspace