Rise Above Challenge

Together we will rise above fear.

The Mindfulness Challenge Overview

Let's rise above unnecessary fear, worry and anxiety. This 30 day challenge is designed to make mindfulness a daily habit, and introduce you to new practices to help you maintain your center (even when things are chaotic on the outside). Our goal is to introduce you to a wide variety of exercises to help you maintain a positive state of mind, and support you however we can. The challenge will consist of tasks to be completed everyday of the challenge, and a new daily challenge that is intended to be completed by the end of that specific day. 

You can follow along by visiting this page, or by following us on Instagram. This challenge will start April 8th, 2020 but you are welcome to start anytime. Make sure to tag us in your social posts! (@meditationsupplystore) We created a graphic below that you can save onto your phone (or check our Instagram highlights and screenshot it). We want to support you any way we can during this challenge, and may even surprise some of the most active followers with some goodies. :) 

 Here is an image you can download to share your progress on social media: 

How the Challenge Works:

Part 1: There are 5 daily “to do’s” designed to support your overall mental and physical wellbeing for the next 30 days. These are to be completed everyday of the challenge (but if you forget one don’t beat yourself up!). You can learn more about why these daily tasks are crucial for maintaining a positive state of mind by watching the introduction video above. (FYI the directions for the affirmations will be given on the first day of the challenge)

Part 2: There will be 30 daily challenges that are intended to be completed by the end of that specific day. These challenges will consist of journaling exercises, breathing practices, gratitude exercises, and some things just designed to put a smile on your face. We hope to introduce you to a wide variety of new tools and practices to help you take control of the mind when it wants to run wild with negative chatter and feeling. These practices will also serve you long after this challenge is over :)

We encourage you to share your experience after completing every challenge on our Instagram page, where you will find the daily challenges posted. (as well as below) One of the goals of this challenge is to keep each other accountable, and we will be doing that by seeing and sharing your posts on our social media.

Daily To Do's

  1. Meditate (for a minimum of 10 minutes daily)
  2. Practice Gratitude (write down or say out loud 3 things you are grateful for)
  3. Read Your Daily Affirmations (see day 1 below)
  4. Take your Vitamin D3 (or get 15 minutes of direct sunlight)
  5. Movement (20 minutes of exercise, play or walking)

What You Need To Get Started

  • Journal: Writing down your thoughts and reflections is a critical component of practicing mindfulness. Grab a new or used journal for this challenge
  • Vitamin D3: When you spend the majority of the time indoors, it is more important than ever to supplement Vitamin D3! This keeps our bodies producing happy hormones since we not getting as much sun as our body needs. (unless you can get 15 minutes of direct sunlight where you live, that counts instead of supplementing it)
  • “I have the power” attitude: It all comes down to commitment and belief. Whether you think you can or you can't you're right. Go into this challenge with a promise to yourself that you will make your wellbeing a priority and the belief that you will walk away with the exact tools and habits you need to rise above your negative feelings.
  • Recommended: Creating a sacred space or “safe space” to meditate and reflect in. This can be a dedicated area with your favorite cushion, specific spot on the couch, and or somewhere you can use throughout the entire challenge. Having a dedicated quiet space during this challenge will help trigger your body to relax faster. (which is also why burning incense, using essential oils or any other ritual before your meditation is a great thing to incorporate)


    The List of Daily Challenges