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A curated box of unique products specifically chosen to enhance your meditation space, shipped right to your doorstep every month!

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How does it work?

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2. Receive Your Box

Every box is curated around a specific intention and will be delivered to your doorstep around the new moon. (first box will ship out in the middle of December 2020)

3. Expand Your Practice

Get to know what's in your box with our product guide and learn how to incorporate them into your sacred space.

How to use

Your place of practice is your sacred place.

Every box will contain some sort of incense or smudge and a unique item for your meditation space. Each box has a specific intention and a product guide on how to incorporate them in your practice.

Follow the guide and begin to incorporate the different tools and products from the box. Expand your practice by being introduced to new products and tools each month.

Your altar is your sacred retreat, your anchor to center you everyday. This box will guide you in deepening your practice, but also your connection to life itself.

- David Gilbert, Founder

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Purification, Protection, & Healing

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Frequently asked questions

What can I expect to receive in each box?

Every month you will receive at least one incense or smudge, a holder for the incense or smudge, and one altar item. Some months may include more smaller items , but the retail value stays the same with over $60+ of product.

When do I receive my subscription? 

Boxes will be sent to arrive around the new moon (generally the middle of the month). The first box will be sent out during the second week of December 2020. You will be billed for the box at the same time each month, slightly before the box is sent out.

How I cancel my membership?

Simply log into your account page and cancel anytime or email us and we will be happy to take care of it for you.